TV Tips: Does your smartphone get heated in summer? Know how to cool it down!


Smartphone Cooling Tips:  It is the month of June and there is severe heat across the country. In many areas, the temperature has gone up to 45 - 50 degrees Celsius. People are so troubled by the heat that they are hesitant to even step out of the house. It becomes difficult for humans to work in such heat. Similarly, many times smartphones also do not work properly these days. A smartphone is a device that comes with hardware and fits in our hands. With its help, we can do many of our tasks easily. 


Sometimes the smartphone gets heated due to excessive heat. The technology of charging the phone can also increase the temperature of the battery, which is neither good for the device nor for the person using it. In such a situation, the question arises as to what should be done. Is there any way to protect the mobile phone from getting damaged? Today we are going to tell you some such tips, with the help of which you can take care of the mobile phone even at a temperature of more than 45 - 50 degrees Celsius. 

Tips for using your smartphone in summer

Talk less on the phone 

The first thing you should do is to reduce your phone conversations in summer. Many times people put the speaker in front of their face while talking on the phone in summer. Doing this can be dangerous. Therefore, do not talk on the phone unless it is necessary.

Keep an eye on the battery level

Do not let the phone's battery go below 30 percent. A low battery generates more heat while charging. Be even more careful if you use a fast-charging phone. Most importantly, do not use the phone while charging, and always use a good-quality charger.

Do not keep the phone in a hot place 

GPS, Wi-Fi, or mobile data is used for location while driving. Using all these together can heat up the phone. Therefore, do not keep the phone in direct sunlight and keep it near cool air in the car. Also, avoid keeping the phone in the pocket while riding a bike. Instead, you can keep the phone in the bag.

Lower the screen brightness 

The lower the screen brightness, the less the smartphone will heat up. So use auto-brightness and do not increase the brightness too much.