Truecaller AI Call Scanner: With the help of this technology, fraudsters can imitate anyone's voice!


In today's fast-paced world, technology is progressing very fast, but along with it, some new dangers are also arising. One of these dangers is AI voice cloning. With the help of this technology, fraudsters can imitate anyone's voice by recording just 3 seconds. This means that fraudsters can talk to people in the voice of someone close to them to deceive them as if he is asking for help. But, Truecaller has introduced a new weapon to fight this problem - an AI call scanner.


How to detect fake voice

Truecaller, which you know for its service of protecting you from spam and fake calls, has now come up with a new weapon - an AI call scanner. This new feature can listen to any call and tell you whether it is a real human voice or a fake voice of a machine. With this, you can avoid any fraud. This feature has been started in the US only for Android users with a premium subscription to Truecaller. Soon it will be introduced in India and other countries as well.

This AI call scanner of Truecaller is very easy to use. If you get a suspicious call, all you have to do is press a button in the Truecaller app. Then a short recording will be done. Truecaller's new technology will analyze that recording and tell in a few seconds whether this voice is of a human or a fake machine. This is a very fast and accurate tool that can save you from fake calls.

CEO said- it has become easy to create fake voice

Truecaller CEO and co-founder Alan Mamedi explained why this new feature is important. He said, 'It has become easier to create fake voices now, so the number of fake callers using AI voice cloning is also increasing. To prevent this problem from becoming more serious, we had to find a solution. Truecaller has become the first app to feature AI voice detection. This feature will help users avoid such fake calls.'

Truecaller has currently brought this new feature only for Android users. But soon they will bring it for iPhone users as well. Also, they are trying to improve this technology even more so that it can identify more quickly and accurately whether the call is real or fake.