Top electronic market in Mumbai: - All types of electronic goods are available cheaply in these markets of Mumbai, do shopping extensively


Thousands of domestic and foreign tourists come every day to explore the city of Mumbai, famous as Maya Nagari because the nightlife here attracts a lot of tourists. 

Mumbai city is famous not only for its beauty but also for many other things. There are many markets in this city where shopping can be done very cheaply.

In this article, we are going to tell you about those markets located in Mumbai city, where you can buy one-to-one electronic goods at cheap prices.

Alfa Market

If the name of any cheapest and best electronic market located in Mumbai city is taken, then the name of Alfa Market is included. A famous place for electronics buyers in Mumbai.

It is said that there is a lot of competition regarding electronic goods in this famous market, hence many electronic goods are available here at very affordable prices. In Alfa Market, everything from mobiles to laptops and other accessories are available at very good prices. People come from far and wide to shop in this market.

  • Address- Irla Society Road, Vile Parle West. 

Lamington Road Market

Lamington Road is considered to be the largest and oldest electronic market in Mumbai. It is said that there are more than 400 shops on Lamington Road, which sell electronics goods at the best and cheapest prices.

Lamington Road Market is famous for thousands of types of electronic goods ranging from computer hardware, audio equipment, and cameras to phones, ACs, coolers etc. It is said that this market is most famous for cheap laptops and LCD monitors. Every day lakhs of people come to this cheap market for shopping. 

  • Address-Simlim Square, D.B. Marg, Lamington Road.

Kalbadevi Market

Kalbadevi market is considered to be one such market in Mumbai, where everything from retail goods to wholesale goods are available at very low prices. Due to the availability of retail and wholesale electronic goods, there is a crowd of shoppers here all the time.

From personal accessories to electronic items for the home, you can get them at very low prices in Kalbadevi Bazaar. Second-hand goods are also available in many shops here at very low prices. Let us tell you that this market is most famous for mobile phones and accessories.

  • Address- Kantilal M. Sharma Street, LoharChawl, Kalbadevi.

HeeraPanna Market

HeeraPanna located in Mumbai is not only a shopping complex but also a famous electronic market. People come from far and wide to shop in this market. On special occasions like Diwali, there is such a crowd here that even shopping becomes difficult.

HeeraPanna Market is famous for many things like the latest mobile, laptops, smart watches, TVs etc. There are more than 100 electronics stores in the shopping complex, so there is a lot of competition here. Due to competition in the HeeraPanna market, goods are available at very high prices.

  • Address-Bhulabhai Desai Marg, Opposite Haji Ali Dargah.

Other cheap electronic markets in Mumbai 

There are many other such markets in Mumbai, where you can buy the best electronic goods at very low prices. For this, you can also shop in Manish Market, KabootarKhana Market, Chor Bazaar, Crawford Market and Jayesh Electronics Market.