This small mistake at the railway station can spoil your expensive smartphone!


Phone Hacking:  While traveling by Indian Railways, many times you have to charge your phone at the railway station, in such a situation you need to be careful. Due to this, your phone may get damaged or permanently damaged. 


Some people use cable 

Many times people do not carry the complete charger with them but only the cable which is mostly Type-A to Type-C. Many times Type-A charging port is available at railway stations for charging. In such a situation, people immediately put their phones for charging. However, doing this should be avoided. There is a big reason behind this happening. 

Why phone should not be charged on Type-A port 

The main reason for not connecting the Type-A socket seen for phone charging at the railway station is that fake chargers and cables are often used in these sockets. These chargers and cables can damage your phone. The Type-A socket is an old standard that is no longer used in most smartphones. Most new smartphones have a Type-C socket. Chargers and cables using Type-A sockets are often of low quality and do not have safety measures. These chargers and cables can overcharge your phone, increasing the risk of battery fire or phone damage.

Type-A sockets are in bad condition 

Moreover, Type-A sockets installed at railway stations are often in poor condition. Dirt, dust, and other garbage can accumulate in these. This increases the risk of short circuits during charging. If you need phone charging at a railway station, always carry a reliable charger and cable with you. If you do not have your charger, purchase a charger from a trusted brand. 

Here are some tips that can help you stay safe while charging your phone at the railway station:

1. Always carry a reliable charger and cable with you. 

2. If you do not have your charger, buy a charger from a trusted brand.

3. Keep an eye on your phone while it's charging.

4. If you experience any unusual smell or smoke while charging, stop charging immediately.

5. By following these tips, you can keep your phone safe and avoid any possible problems while charging at the railway station.