This is how you can reply to your own messages on Instagram, just do this setting!



Instagram's auto-reply is a feature available in your Instagram messages settings that allows you to automatically send replies to frequently asked questions. For example, when someone asks, “Do you offer free shipping?”, your team can set up an auto-reply that responds to the customer immediately without any delay. For this, you just need to adjust some settings on Instagram.

Setting up auto-reply on Instagram:

First of all, click on the arrow or message icon on Instagram.

Next, click on the three-dot menu and select the 'Tools' option.

Under 'Tools', you will find the 'Frequently asked questions' option. Click on it.

After this click on 'Show questions'. This enables the automated answer option.

Click on 'Add Question'. Here, you can add up to 4 questions and their answers.

Once you've added a question, you'll be prompted to save the answer. Additionally, you can monitor any account you wish. Make the most of this feature on Instagram.