This feature of WhatsApp Status is very useful for you, know the details!


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WhatsApp introduces new features every month, and as soon as users come to know about these features, there is a discussion among them. Just a few days after users got acquainted with a feature, WhatsApp introduced another new feature prompting people to gather information about it.

We have brought you information about such upcoming features of WhatsApp. We will tell you about a new feature related to WhatsApp status. After the launch of this feature, whenever you change your status, a notification related to your status update will be sent to all the contacts in your contact list. Let's know everything about the new status feature of WhatsApp.

With over 2 billion users, WhatsApp is used around the world to send videos, audio, photos, documents and messages to each other in just an instant. WhatsApp was initially an instant messaging app, but with time it has undergone many changes and many great features have been added to it.


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WhatsApp previously introduced a feature for Status

WhatsApp recently introduced a new feature for WhatsApp Status, which allows users to mention contacts along with posting status. This feature was launched a few days ago. Now the company is going to bring a new feature related to status for the users.

Everyone will see your status updates

Till now, only those who wanted to see their status could open the WhatsApp app and go to the Status menu. However, after the rollout of this new feature by WhatsApp, everyone in your contact list will be able to see your status as soon as you upload your new status. WhatsApp will send a notification to all the contacts in your contact list.


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Information about this upcoming feature of WhatsApp has been given by the popular agency Wabetainfo. This feature is currently in the development stage. The biggest advantage of this feature will be that now no one will be able to ignore your status. With notifications, everyone will see your status updates. In other words, WhatsApp is bringing such a feature for the users where everyone will have to see your status.

A new chat lock feature is coming soon.

Let us tell you that WhatsApp pays a lot of attention to the security and privacy of its users. The company keeps introducing new privacy features from time to time. Now WhatsApp is going to bring a new privacy feature for its users. With the help of this upcoming feature, you can keep your chat completely private. Till now the company has been providing a chat lock feature for smartphones, but now you can apply chat lock on linked devices also.