These mini coolers, coming for Rs 500, will keep you cool and cool!


The heat wave has not yet reached its peak, yet people's ACs and coolers have started working. Many times you work at a place where air conditioners and coolers cannot be installed. In such a situation, it becomes your compulsion to bear the heat. If you are also thinking like this, then you are thinking wrong, because we have brought for you information about mini coolers available under Rs 500, which can be fitted on office tables, kitchen and shop counters.

If you are thinking of buying this mini cooler for yourself, then we are telling you the details about it. Let us tell you that instead of water, ice is added to these mini air coolers. Which provides cool air through a mini cooler. Let us know about these mini coolers in detail.

CHARKEE Mini Cooler

This mini cooler can be purchased from the e-commerce site for only Rs 489 at a discount of 51 per cent. The original price of this cooler is Rs 999. Let us tell you that this mini cooler can be used in the kitchen and study table. This mini cooler has an ice chamber to provide coolness, in which you can enjoy the cool air by putting ice in it.

SUKICHI Air Coolers

This air cooler can be operated with a USB and battery. Dual fans are provided in this cooler. Also, for cooling, it has been provided with an ice chamber, in which you can enjoy the cold air by filling it with ice. The original price of this mini cooler is Rs 500, which you can buy from the e-commerce site at a discount of 30 per cent for only Rs 349.

Generic Mini Cooler AC

This air cooler comes with a USB and battery, which you can run without plugging in electricity. An ice chamber is provided in this air cooler. Which gives you cool air in the summer season. The original price of Generic Mini Cooler AC is Rs 999, which you can buy at a discount of 60 per cent for only Rs 399.

Portable Turbine Mini Air Cooler

This mini cooler is quite colourful, the price of this cooler is Rs 1249, but currently, you can order it online at a discount of 68 per cent for only Rs 399. This air cooler has an adjustable fan, which you can bend as per your wish. Also, this air cooler can be used on kitchen and office tables without any problem.


This air cooler comes in multi-color options. USB and battery options are given in this cooler. For cooling, the cooler has an ice chamber, which you can use by adding ice. The original price of this air cooler is Rs 999, which can be purchased at a discount of 62 per cent for only Rs 382. Let us tell you that all the air coolers mentioned here can be purchased from e-commerce sites Amazon and Flipkart.