These 5 mistakes of users become the reason for the phone blast!


Smartphone Blast:  Every year as the summers increase, many incidents of smartphone blasts start coming to the fore. The explosion occurs in the battery of the smartphone, and on most occasions, it happens due to some defect of the company. However, the mistakes of the users also become the reason for the explosion and today we are going to talk about these mistakes in detail.


Bad battery: A bad or damaged battery can cause the phone to overheat and explode.

Overcharging: Leaving the phone on charging for too long or charging it until it overheats can be dangerous.

Using unauthorized chargers and cables: Cheap or poor quality chargers and cables can damage the phone and cause a fire.

Exposing the phone to too hot or cold environments: Leaving the phone in direct sunlight or a very hot car or using it in a very cold environment can be dangerous.

Exposing the phone to water: A water-damaged phone can cause a short circuit and cause a fire.

To avoid these hazards, you can take the following precautions:

1. Use only the original charger and cable: Always use the charger and cable recommended by the manufacturer. 

2. Do not leave it on charging for long: Charge the phone only for as long as necessary.

3. Protect the phone from extreme temperatures: Do not expose the phone to direct sunlight, a hot car, or hot clothes.

4. Protect from water: Protect the phone from water or other liquids.

5. Do not use damaged phones: If your phone has any cracks, scratches, or other damage, stop using it.