These 5 hidden tricks of the iPhone are very useful, click to know!


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iPhone comes with many features, some of which we are not aware of. These hidden features can make many of your tasks easier. We call these Apple features hidden because they are not always known to users. In this article, we will discuss five tricks related to the Safari browser on iPhone that can make your internet browsing experience more enjoyable.

Internet browsing on Android smartphones is mainly done using the Google Chrome browser. However, on the Apple iPhone, Safari is the default browser for Internet browsing. The five tips we are going to discuss are all related to the Safari browser. Using these tricks while browsing the Internet can improve your overall experience.

Hidden Features of iPhone:

Ad-Free Internet:

Repetitive advertisements while browsing the Internet can be annoying. With a simple trick on Safari, you can get rid of ads and browse without any interruptions. Open the Safari browser and tap on the AA icon. This will make the ads disappear, allowing you to read the content without any distractions. Apart from this, if you want, you can also change the background of the page. You can also use Siri to have articles read to you.

Convert pages to PDF:

It's easy to save a website or webpage as a PDF file in Safari. You don't need to take a screenshot. Simply take a screenshot of the webpage and tap on the "Full Page" option. Then, save it as a PDF file.

Photo Editing:

Safari can also be used for photo editing. If you want a photo, just tap and hold on to it. Then, tap "Copy Subject." This will remove the background, so you can paste the photo somewhere else.

Set background:

If you like to customize your browsing experience, you can set any photo or wallpaper as the background in Safari. Just tap on the "Edit" option and choose your favourite background.

Close all tabs:

Instead of closing multiple tabs one by one in Safari, you can close them all at once with a simple trick. Go to Safari, tap the "Done" button, then press and hold all tabs at once and close. It makes internet browsing on iPhones more convenient and enjoyable.