These 5 apps will make walking lovers rich, they will earn at every step!


Apps that Pay for Walking: Walking is not only good for your health but now you can also earn money from it. Yes, there are many apps that give rewards in exchange for walking. These apps count your daily steps and can give you money, points or any goods in return. Today let us tell you about 5 such apps, which give you reward in return for walking. 


This is an Indian app which gives you coins at every step. You can use these coins to buy goods or services from the partner brands of the app. There is a special challenge feature in this app, in which you can compete with friends and family.



This is a well-known fitness tracker app that keeps count of your steps, distance covered and calories burned. Besides, this app also uses GPS to track outdoor activities. On completing these milestones you get badges and you can also participate in leaderboard competitions.


This is a special app that rewards you just for walking or running outside. These rewards are called "Sweatcoins". You can use them for many types of goods, services or donations. Besides, there is also a market in this app from where you can make purchases with your deposited Sweatcoins.



This is a health and wellness app that rewards you for healthy activities like walking, exercising and meditating. It integrates with many fitness apps and gives you points which you can deposit through PayPal or directly into your bank account.


This is another special app that gives you "Bitwalking dollars (BW$)" in exchange for walking. You can use these BW$ for goods and services available in the app market. This app also helps in connecting people with each other through its networking feature.