There are a lot of ads on the mobile screen, so make your work easier with this small setting!



While using your phone, various problems can hinder your experience, such as network issues and frequent ads. Many times irritation occurs due to AIDS in the middle of work, in such a situation many people get irritated due to the problem. However, you can get relief from this problem with the following solutions:

Ad block will be like this:

Go to your phone's Settings and search for 'Private DNS'.

Click on 'Private DNS' and select the 'Private DNS Provider Hostname' option.

In the provided space, type ''.

Save this command. After doing this you should stop seeing the ads.

This solution will also help you get rid of AIDS:

Try to minimize the use of third-party apps on your phone. Often, excessive ads are associated with third-party apps.

Additional Solutions:

If you're still seeing ads after doing all this, you can try the following settings on your phone:

  • Go to your phone's Settings and click on Google.
  • Click on 'Manage your Google account'.
  • Select 'Data & Privacy' option.
  • Go to 'Personalized Ads' and view tracked activities.
  • Click on 'My Ad Center' and turn off the 'Personalized Ads' option.

Next, go to your phone's Settings, click on Google again and select 'Delete Advertising ID'. Delete it to finalize the settings.

After configuring these settings, you should not experience ads on your phone, allowing you to use it without any interruptions.