The danger is increasing for Whatsapp users, government-issued advisory, you too should be alert!


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If you use WhatsApp then you must read this news. The Department of Telecommunications (DoT), Government of India, has issued an important advisory and warning for WhatsApp users. Cyber ​​criminals often try to cheat people in various ways using WhatsApp and the government has issued a warning about one such method.

A new scam started on WhatsApp!

Cybercriminals who commit cyber crimes through WhatsApp make WhatsApp calls from unknown numbers and then cheat people by making various excuses. Most of these calls are coming from international numbers.

The Indian Department of Telecommunications has informed that for the last few days many people have been complaining that they are receiving WhatsApp calls from government departments. Through these calls, cyber criminals create fear among people of getting involved in illegal activities and threaten to block their mobile numbers. That is why we have issued this warning.

DoT issues advisory

The Department of Telecommunications in its advisory has further advised that people should ignore WhatsApp calls from international numbers starting with +92. The Department of Telecommunications has said that calls coming from such numbers should not be received. If you receive any call from such a number on WhatsApp or any other call, then immediately report it on the government complaint portal.

For your information, let us tell you that +92 is the international code of Pakistan, just like +91 is prefixed to any mobile number in India because it is the international code of India. However, this does not mean that WhatsApp calls starting with +92 are coming from Pakistan, because nowadays cyber criminals can access international codes of any country, create any fictitious number and then call any normal person. 

Keep an eye on and file complaints

The government has advised us to avoid calls from such numbers and has said that if you get a call from such a number, do not share any personal information and file a complaint on the government platform. It is noteworthy that the government has recently launched a new web portal and mobile app named "Chakshu". Users can lodge complaints about any type of online fraud attempted online fraud, or potential online fraud as per their belief on this platform.