Tech: You will be able to search for the stolen phone even after it is switched off, new feature will come soon!


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Google recently announced the date of its annual developer conference, Google I/O 2024. Like every year, Google will introduce a new Android version this year too, which will be named Android 15. According to media reports, after this update, users will be able to track their mobile even after it is switched off.

The Find My Device system on Android phones has limitations. According to an Android Police report, Google may launch a new Finding API, which will help in searching for products even after the device is disconnected.

Find My Device limitations:

Currently, the Find My Device network can only track active Android and Wear OS devices. However, this will be improved in the future and devices will be able to be located even without an internet connection. If this feature is introduced then it will be very useful for many people.


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Special hardware may be needed

The upcoming feature will require special hardware to power the Bluetooth controller, especially when the device is turned off. Also, a small reserve battery can be kept in the smartphone, which will work for this feature. This information is from media reports.


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This feature can come first in this phone:

The report suggests that this feature will be first introduced for the Google Pixel 9 series, which will be launched this year. After that, this feature will be expanded and then it can work on Pixel 8 also.