Tech: While removing SIM from a smartphone, do not make this mistake related to the ejector pin, otherwise it will cause loss!



Nowadays, smartphones are used by people of all age groups. By 2022, India is expected to have a staggering 829 million smartphone users. Among them, many people change their numbers every month, requiring them to change their SIM cards frequently. Although replacing a SIM card may seem simple, mishandling the SIM tray can cause significant problems.

Gone are the days when you just had to remove the back cover remove the battery and then insert or remove the SIM card. Modern smartphones come with a SIM tray located on the side, bottom, or top of the device, with a small eject hole. By inserting the SIM ejector pin in this hole, the SIM tray comes out. However, many users make mistakes when removing this tray, resulting in potential damage to their phone.


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This terrible loss occurs due to the wrong PIN.

Ejector pins are fragile. Applying excessive force may bend or break them. Incorrect insertion or excessive force may damage the SIM tray. Touching the physical PIN of the SIM card may damage it, causing data loss or connectivity problems. Incorrect pins may also cause the battery to explode, posing a fire hazard.

Safe SIM removal techniques:

Always use the SIM ejector pin that came with your phone. Be careful when removing the SIM and avoid applying too much force. If the SIM tray does not come out easily, consider visiting a customer service centre and seeking help from a technician.


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It is important to remember that the SIM card is an essential component of your phone. If it gets damaged you may need a replacement, which can be costly. Therefore, handle it carefully to ensure that neither your SIM card nor the SIM tray gets damaged.