Tech: What is Medusa Banking Trojan!


Medusa Banking Trojan:  If you are an Android user and use digital banking on your smartphone, then there is important news for you. You must have heard about many cases of cyber fraud where people have been cheated of lakhs of rupees. Such frauds also happen with the help of malware, which scammers install on people's phones without their knowledge. This malware steals people's personal information. One such Medusa Banking Trojan, a dangerous malware, has become active again. After appearing for the first time in the year 2020, it has returned after 4 years. Let us tell you about it in detail. 


What is Medusa?

First of all, let us tell you what Medusa is. Medusa is a kind of tool that hackers use to hack your phone. It is a banking Trojan or banking malware that hides itself in your phone and steals all the information related to your bank account. Once Medusa enters your phone, hackers get complete control over your phone. They can spy on you and attack your banking apps. 

How does it spread?

An upgraded version of Medusa has been released which is more dangerous. It is more powerful than the previous version and is targeting more and more users. It primarily targets Android devices. Medusa is sent to your phone via an SMS link. When you click on this link, this malware gets downloaded to your phone.  

Where is Medusa active?

According to cyber security firm Cliffy, Medusa is currently active in Canada, France, Italy, Turkey, Britain, and the US. Medusa is not available on Google Play Store, so it cannot reach your phone through the Play Store.

How to protect yourself?

1. Do not click on SMS links from unknown numbers.

2. Download apps only from the Google Play Store.

3. Install anti-virus software on your phone and keep it updated.

4. Use strong passwords for your banking apps and change them regularly.

5. Do not do banking transactions on public Wi-Fi networks.