Tech Updates: You can buy this portable cooler online or offline for Rs 1000 to 1500!


There is intense heat in India. The temperature has crossed 45. In such a situation, it has become difficult to go out on the road. If you sit in a car, running the AC too much affects the average. Let us tell you, running the AC too much reduces the average significantly. In such a situation, it is not understood how the average of the car can be controlled in the summer. A video is going viral, in which the person has installed a portable mist fan, which will not only keep the average good but will also provide cool air. 


video went viral

In the video going viral, a device like a table fan is installed in the car, which is called a water spray fan. The person has made it a car AC by Jugaad. It can be operated by Type C. This fan has a slab on the top, where ice cubes and water can be put. As soon as it is switched on, water sprays along with the air. By doing this, the person not only improved the average of the car but also got cool air. 

This video was shared by an Instagram user named Balaji Sound System on May 1, which has received more than 2 lakh likes and hundreds of comments in just 4 days. People have considered it a great Jugaad. This video has got 63 lakh views till the time of writing this news. 

Where to buy

You can buy this portable cooler online or offline. You can buy it for Rs 1000 to 1500. You don't have to do much in this. You have to fit it in the AC place. By doing this you can get cool air.