Tech Updates: The life of an AC depends on many factors, such as, read Here!


AC Blast:  Delhi's summers are crossing the temperature of 52 degrees, in such a situation the use of air conditioners has increased, and after this incidents of fire and blast in air conditioners are coming to the fore.


AC Blast:  Although the whole country is experiencing intense heat, the heat in Delhi-NCR has broken all records. The temperature is crossing 52 degrees. In such a situation, if you know the correct duration of running the air conditioner, then you can avoid air conditioner fire and air conditioner blast. If you also have a question in your mind about the heat of Delhi-NCR and you want to know how many hours the AC should be run, then today we want to answer this.

The life of an AC depends on many factors, such as:

Outside Temperature:

If the temperature is above 40°C, you may need to run the AC for 8-10 hours a day.

At temperatures between 30-40°C, 6-8 hours may be sufficient.

Room size and air flow:

Larger rooms will require longer AC runs than smaller rooms.

Rooms with good ventilation will require shorter AC runs.

How many people are in the room:

A room with more people will require the AC to run for longer than a room with a single person.

Your tolerance:

Some people can tolerate more heat, while others require lower temperatures.

Some tips that can help you enjoy a cool shower in less time:

Run the AC early in the morning and late in the evening when the temperature is relatively low.

Use a fan, especially when you are in the room.

Keep the curtains closed to prevent heat from seeping in.

Switch off the electronic devices in the room as they generate heat.

Take a cold shower and drink cold drinks.

It is important to note that excessive use of AC can increase your electricity bills and also hurt the environment.