Tech Updates: Know Vivobook S16 OLED Price!


Asus has launched its new laptop – the Vivobook S series. These are specially designed for those people who are always on the go and creating content. These laptops are very thin and light, which makes them easy to carry and also look very good. The VivoBook S series comes with three models: VivoBook S 16 OLED, VivoBook S 15, and VivoBook S 14. Let's know their price and features...

Vivobook S Series Laptops


Vivobook S series laptops are very thin, measuring just 1.39 cm thick and weighing 1.3 kg, with a good quality metal exterior. Their special design is that their hinge is very thin, which is 52% thinner and 3.4% thinner than similar laptops. This design makes it even more spectacular.

These laptops are not only good to look at, but they are also very powerful. These have the latest Intel Core Ultra 9 processor, which works very fast. Besides, it also has LPDDR5X memory and 1TB SSD. Because of all these things, these laptops give very good performance and you will not face any problem in doing any work.

Vivobook S16 OLED Price

The most powerful model of the Vivobook S series is the Vivobook S 16 OLED, which is priced at ₹ 102,990. Its screen is 16 inch 3.2K OLED and its refresh rate is 120Hz, which means you will get to see very clear and beautiful pictures. It has a special Asus AiSense camera for making video calls and content. Additionally, there is ASUS IceCool technology to avoid overheating. It has 16GB RAM and 1TB storage, which is great for multitasking and playing large files.

Vivobook S15 OLED Price

The second model is Vivobook S 15, which is priced at ₹ 96,990. It is similar to the S 16 in most things, but its screen is slightly smaller, 15.6 inches. It also has the latest Intel processor, 16GB RAM, and 1TB SSD. Its screen is 3K OLED and the refresh rate is 120Hz. This laptop is designed for those people who want good performance and an easy-to-carry laptop.