Tech Updates: Know Google Lens New Feature!


Google Lens New Feature: The Circle to search feature is considered to be a unique way to search. Two new amazing features are coming soon in the Google Lens app. These features can prove to be very useful for users. Let us tell you about them.    


Circle to Search Feature:  Some time ago Google launched a new feature, named Circle to Search Feature. With the help of this feature, you can search for anything by looking at it on your phone screen, that too without closing any app. You just have to draw a circle on that thing and all the information about it will be available on your phone. This is considered to be the most unique way of searching. Currently, this feature works only on Google Pixel 8 and Samsung Galaxy S24 series phones.

If you have an old phone then you can use Google Lens. Two new amazing features are going to come soon in Google Lens, which have been mentioned in a report by Android Authority.

The first feature available in Google Lens 

The first feature is related to video search. Google Lens will soon let you search for a specific thing in any video. That means, by selecting something in the video, you can find out what it is. Not only this, for easy viewing of videos, the play and pause buttons in Google Lens will move to the top right corner of the app so that users can easily navigate the frame. 

The second feature available in Google Lens 

Whereas, the second feature is related to translation. Currently, Google Lens can translate any text, but for this, you have to go to the Translate tab. But in the new update, a translate button will appear at the bottom right of the screen. On pressing this button once, translation mode will start and on pressing again it will go back to normal mode. This will make translation even easier. Both these upcoming features can prove to be very useful for the users.