Tech Updates: Finding a job on LinkedIn has become easy!


LinkedIn: Microsoft's professional networking site LinkedIn has announced new features. These features are equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and make it easier for users to find jobs. These AI-powered features are exclusively available to premium users of LinkedIn. Whether you are actively looking for a job or not. Let us tell you about these features in detail. 


Now finding a job is easier than before

The first feature of the new features coming on LinkedIn is Smarter Job Search. Now instead of writing simple words, you can directly tell about the job you want, like "Find me a completely home-based marketing job with a salary of at least Rs 1 lakh per annum." Then LinkedIn's AI feature will show you similar jobs that match the information you have given. This will reduce the time taken to find the right job. 

LinkedIn's AI can also create your resume and cover letter

The next useful tool is AI assistant, which helps you create your resume. If you upload your old resume, AI will read it and tell you how it can be improved for the job you are applying for. It can tell which points of your experience need to be highlighted. It can even rewrite some parts to make your resume better. 

AI can also create your cover letter. It looks at your previous work and the job you are applying for and creates a unique cover letter to go with your application. This will save you time and effort, especially when you are applying for multiple jobs at once. LinkedIn says that these tools have been introduced to help people who are having trouble describing themselves. 

These new features are part of LinkedIn's plan to use AI to help its 1 billion users worldwide. With so many people using LinkedIn to find jobs, these AI-powered tools could be a huge help in getting people a job quickly. Many companies already use AI to sort through job applications, so a resume and cover letter created with the help of AI could benefit you.