Tech Updates: Fake avatar gave a real interview!


AI Technology: The trend of Artificial Intelligence is increasing rapidly in the whole world including India. This technology has many advantages and disadvantages. Talking about losses, in the last few months, deepfake content with the help of AI technology has caused a lot of loss to people. Deepfake is a technology in which, with the help of AI technology, a fake version of a real person can be created that looks and feels real. 


LinkedIn's co-founder did a unique experiment

In the last few months, there have been reports of incidents of misuse of deepfakes in many countries of the world including India. However, this technology can also have a positive side, which the co-founder of LinkedIn has discussed. LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman recently conducted a very unique experiment, which is being discussed all over the world. 

In this experiment, LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman gave an interview by deepfaking himself. This means that with the help of AI and deepfake technology, he created a fake version of himself and then gave an interview. This unique experiment of his has not only started a new discussion in the technology world but has also shown glimpses of some new possibilities in the digital world.

Fake avatar gave a real interview

Using deepfake technology, Hoffman created his clone i.e. his twin, who looked exactly like the real Hoffman in appearance, speech, movement, and even expressions. After that, a real interview was given in the fake form of Hoffman, in which his digital avatar is seen copying his expressions, facial expressions, and conversation style.

LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman says that he did this experiment because he wanted to test the capabilities of digital twin technology. He said that deepfake technology can harm many people, but it is important to know its positive aspects also.

Talking about this special experiment, Hoffman said, this new experiment of mine is to create an AI generative version of myself. It's not because I want to create another 'I' of myself. I thought that I would not like this thing, but I was very curious to know what is possible and positive with this technology." He further said, "A powerful technology has arrived. It is very important to be aware and thoughtful to go into the future with this and give a better shape to the future."

So “Digital Twins”

Will that be a legit new term for your AI version? 

— Vijay Shekhar Sharma (@vijayshekhar) May 10, 2024

Let us tell you that this amazing experiment done by LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman has created a stir on social media. People are giving different types of reactions to this. The reaction of one of them, Paytm founder Vijay Shekar Sharma, has also come to light. Such experiments not only start new discussions in the technology world, but also forces us to think about the infinite possibilities present in the digital world.