Tech Updates: Does iPhone discharge quickly? Apple gives easy tips to increase battery life!


Apple Battery Health Tips: If your iPhone's battery drains quickly or the battery health is less than 90%, it may be that you are using your phone incorrectly. Apple says that you can improve both the battery life and battery health of your iPhone by adopting some easy methods. Let us tell you about these methods.


Always install the latest iOS updates

Always keep your iPhone updated to the latest iOS version. The new update not only brings new features but also includes many things related to battery which improves battery life. Therefore, install the latest update as soon as possible.

keep the phone at the right temperature

Leaving the iPhone in very hot or very cold environments can damage the battery. According to the company, iPhone runs best between 16°C to 22°C (62°F to 72°F). Too much heat or too much cold is harmful to the battery. 

Remove the phone cover while charging


Some phones covers trap heat, which can damage the battery. Therefore, it is better to remove the cover while charging. If you feel that the phone is getting hot while charging then remove the cover. This will remove heat and keep the battery safe.

Charge the battery 50% before storing it for a long time

If you are going to store your iPhone for a long time, then keep the battery at 50% charge. This does not harm the battery. Also, keep the phone in a cool and dry place.

Use Low Power Mode

Apple provided low power mode with iOS 9. This helps in saving battery life. Use Low Power Mode to save your iPhone battery. It closes background apps and reduces screen brightness. You can turn it on by going to Settings > Battery.