Tech Updates: Awesome feature coming on Google Chrome, will manage the permission of websites itself!


Google Chrome New Feature:  There is good news for Google Chrome users. A new feature is going to come in Google Chrome, which will automatically remove the permission given to the website. This feature can prove to be very useful for the users. Let us tell you about this feature in detail. 


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This new feature was reported on the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) by a user named Leopeva64. According to the post, this new feature has been seen in the Android version of Chrome Canary (a special Chrome app made for testing). It can be found in the "Site Settings" toggle named "Automatically remove permissions".

The feature will be beneficial for users.

As the name suggests, this feature will automatically remove the permissions of those websites which you have not used for a long time. This is very beneficial for those who have permitted to a website to send notifications, but later stopped using it and forgot to remove the permission. 

When will this feature come?

It is worth noting that this feature is currently in the testing phase, but it is expected that it will be included in the Chrome 128 update coming in July. This feature is already present on the desktop, but now it will also be brought to the mobile version of the app. Apart from this, Google Chrome is also testing another new feature. This feature will allow users to decide how long a tab remains inactive before it goes to the "Inactive tabs" section.