Tech Update: Your laptop will start running smoothly, just do these 5 settings today


Has your laptop become slow? Don't worry, with some simple settings you can make it run smoothly again.    aa

The laptop should never be used by keeping it on the bed or sofa. Because of this, the laptop gets heated and does not work properly. 

Over time, unnecessary files and programs accumulate on your laptop which can slow down your laptop. By deleting these files and programs, you can free up space on your laptop. 


Your laptop has various power settings that affect your laptop's performance and battery life. The "High Performance" setting configures your laptop for best performance, but it can also decrease battery life.

Windows has many animations and visual effects that make your laptop look beautiful, but they can also slow down your laptop. You can improve the performance of your laptop by turning off these visual effects.

Many programs start automatically when you turn on your laptop, which can slow down your laptop. By turning off these unnecessary startup programs you can reduce loading times and speed up your laptop.