Tech update: Useful thing: Keep your phone safe and secure with these measures, it will never be hacked


Today we are entering the fourth industrial revolution. With the advent of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, the digital ecosystem of the whole world has completely changed. On the other hand, the world of cyber fraud has also grown in parallel with it. In the last few years, many such cases have come to the fore where crores of rupees have been cheated by sending phishing links on people's mobile phones. At the same time, in some cases, the person's private data was stolen and blackmailed. Being alert in today's digital world is the first guarantee of security. Your slight carelessness can cause a big loss. In this episode, today we are going to tell you some such measures, with the help of which you can keep your phone more safe and secure. Let us know about them in detail -


lock the phone
The very first step to keep your phone secure is to lock it with the help of a good PIN and password. With this, no other person will be able to access the phone without your permission.

Do not visit pirated website
Often we resort to pirated websites to download movies or anything else. Do not visit these websites even by mistake. Often after visiting them, many pages pop-up and open automatically. In such a situation, cyber attack can be done on your mobile phone easily here.


install antivirus software
You must install reliable antivirus software on your device. This will make your mobile quite secure. At the same time, no other person will be able to breach your phone's firewall for the purpose of cyber fraud.