Tech Update: These robots can clean the house like humans and start cleaning it automatically


Floor Cleaning Robots:  If you live away from home where you do not get time to clean due to work or studies, then some floor cleaner robots available in the market can be useful for you. They clean the house like any human even in your absence. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about them in detail. 


Smart Robot Cleaner Auto Floor Cleaning Sweeping Sweeper

Customers can buy this robot vacuum cleaner from Amazon for Rs 13,479. It can remove every trace of dust and dirt from the floor of your house. In this vacuum cleaner, you get a high-speed motor that cleans the house with the help of an external rotating wiper. In this, users get USB charging mode, as well as customers also get a built-in capacity battery which is a 1500mAh Li-ion battery. In this bot cleaner, customers also get humidification spray, which makes cleaning even better. 

ECOVACS DEEBOT_500 Robotic Floor Cleaner 

This robot vacuum cleaner can be purchased from Flipkart. Its price is only Rs 9,999. This robot cleaner is small in size so it can easily enter even narrow places and can make cleaning the house more effective. This cleaner is controlled by the app and users can carry out customized cleaning with it. 

Intelligent Sweeping Robot, Automatic Robotic Sweeper Machine

This is an affordable robot vacuum cleaner that customers can easily purchase from Amazon. Customers can buy this vacuum cleaner for just Rs 6,009. In this, customers get a 1200 mah battery and it is also equipped with sensors that protect it from any obstruction and take the cleaning to the next level. It is small in size and easily goes under the furniture and removes the dust and dirt present in the corners. 

my addiction Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Smart Floor Suction Mopping Cleaning

This vacuum cleaner is available at an affordable price of Rs 3,152. It can be purchased from Amazon. It has a powerful battery, along with many powerful cleaning modes, which can make the entire house shine.