Tech Update: The biggest change is happening on WhatsApp!


WhatsApp Big Change: Crores of people in India use WhatsApp. Many companies also use WhatsApp to communicate with their customers. For example, food shops like McDonald's allow you to place orders on WhatsApp itself. Till now, you could identify these companies by the green tick next to their name. But this will change soon.


Know the reason for turning blue?

According to a report by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is bringing a new update soon. In this update, the green tick given to companies will now turn blue. This blue tick will be given to all those companies which have been verified on WhatsApp. According to the report, this change is being made so that the verification sign can be the same on all Meta apps. Blue tick is also available on Facebook and Instagram. WhatsApp is currently testing this change for some selected users, whose phone is on the beta program. Soon this update can come for everyone.

As seen in the screenshot shared by the website, the old green tick will now be replaced by a blue tick. This will match the look of WhatsApp with other Meta apps and provide a similar experience across all apps. It is worth noting that this blue tick will still do the same thing, that is, it will tell you that you are talking to a real company or channel. The purpose of this change is to increase the trust of users and protect them from fake companies or channels.

Will come soon for all

Right now, this blue tick feature is available to only a few selected people who have downloaded the latest beta version of WhatsApp from Google Play Store. In the coming few weeks, this new feature will be available to all other users as well.