Tech update: Secret trick of great use for iPhone users, you will be able to see photos without opening the chat


WhatsApp is becoming a very important part of our life day by day. From the office to home, it seems almost impossible to do without it. In such a situation, app makers are engaged in making work easier and 'safe' with new features every day. The popular instant messaging app- WhatsApp offers many great features to improve the chatting experience of the users. At the same time, it also includes some secret features and tricks, with the help of which the fun of chatting can be doubled. Today we are going to tell you about one such secret trick. With the help of this trick, you can see the received WhatsApp image without opening the chat and the person in front will not even know that you have seen the image.


This feature is available only for iPhone users.
This special trick of WhatsApp is currently only for iPhone users. To take advantage of this feature, first of all, close all the chat windows and come to the main chat screen. Then swipe left on the chat you want to preview. After doing this the 'More' option will pop up on the screen of your phone. Go to 'Export Chat' by tapping on More. After this, you have to export all the things by attaching the media with the chat. Then tap on the 'Save to Files' option.

This means that you can save all the images received in the chat along with the chat message on the phone. After saving the chats, you have to open the location where you have saved the chat and the image.


To avoid a blue tick after reading the message, many users see the message by putting the phone in airplane mode. However, this trick is not completely effective as the blue tick will reach the sender as soon as the phone is removed from airplane mode. At the same time, another trick is to turn off the read receipt option, but by doing this you will also not get a blue tick notification after viewing the sent message.

3D Touch feature will be available in new iPhones
The good thing is that there is another special trick for iPhone users so that without putting the phone in flight mode or turning off the read receipt option, the message can be seen and its blue tick notification will not be sent to the sender. For this, you have to use the 3D Touch feature found in the new iPhones. An extra layer of touch sensitivity has been given in the new iPhone with 3D Touch. In such a situation, when you press the screen hard, you will get to see some new options. Here you can directly access the message by tapping once on the WhatsApp chat, but if you press it hard and hold it, you will get a preview of the message inside the chat and the blue tick notification will also not reach the front.