Tech update: Old Android mobile is of great use, know before selling, you can also use them in this way


In today's modern era, the market has changed the lifestyle of the people. In this fast-paced life, it is very important for us to stay up to date. Unless there is a mobile phone in hand, one cannot even imagine being up to date. In this episode, many new phones are being launched in the market every day, which are much better and better than their previous versions. In such a situation, a large number of people are buying new phones after running their old phones for two years. Many times it is seen that while buying new phones, people either sell their old phones or leave them to remain to lie at home. Although there are many benefits of old phones too, which you will hardly know about. The old phone can be used for household and personal work. Let's know-how?

mobile phone

computer remote
Do you know that you can control your personal computer with the help of your phone? For this, you have to install a special kind of remote app on your computer. After that, you can access your computer with the help of your phone. You can also do activities like wireless keyboard, mouse, PC, or screen mirroring with the help of your old Android mobile.

universal remote
If your old phone has a feature with an infrared blaster, then with its help you can control the TV, air conditioner, music system, etc. You will benefit a lot from this.

mobile phone

Use as a car dashcam
You can also use your old android mobile as a car dashcam. For this, you have to mount your old phone in the car. Before mounting, make sure that the quality of the camera of the old phone has not deteriorated.

used as kitchen television
You can also use your old phone as a kitchen television. You can watch many television shows online on your old phone while cooking. Apart from this, you can also learn about the method of making many recipes.