Tech Update: Microsoft's AI assistant will be available on Telegram, know how to avail its benefits!


Microsoft Copilot in Telegram:  Microsoft's own chatbot, known as Copilot, is now also available on the popular messaging platform Telegram. Microsoft has joined the race to compete with Meta's AI chatbot. Telegram users can now do many things with the help of this chatbot. Users can get answers to questions, and summarize articles and documents with the help of this chatbot, it can even create code in different computer languages. Let us tell you about it in detail. 


The tasks that Copilot can perform on the Telegram app are mostly text-based. Keep in mind that for now, you cannot prompt Copilot to create a photo. It mostly works on text only. 

How to use the Copilot chatbot on Telegram 

1. First, find the Microsoft Copilot bot in the Telegram app. Make sure you click on the correct version. There should be a blue mark next to its icon. 

2. After this, the Telegram app will ask for your mobile number so that it can find out whether you are a real user or not some other bot.

3. Once your number is verified, you will be told about some features of Copilot. 

For now, you can use Copilot on Telegram for the following purposes:

1. Getting answers to questions

2. Creative writing

3. Coding

4. Translation 

5. Summarizing articles 

6. Solving math problems 

7. Getting suggestions 

Copilot can be used for free on Telegram, but you will be able to use it only 30 times per day. Each question or answer will be counted once. 

Other companies are also doing this work 

Microsoft is not the first company to bring its AI chatbot to the messaging app. Other companies are also bringing their chatbots to messaging apps. Meta has already launched its chatbot for WhatsApp and Instagram. At the same time, Google is bringing its Gemini chatbot to the messaging app already present in Android phones. Microsoft has chosen Telegram to make its AI reach more people. Earlier, Copilot was brought on computers and mobiles. Now by coming on Telegram, its reach will increase even more.