Tech update: It is very easy to pay electricity bill through PhonePe, know what is the process


Today there is so much rush in the daily life of every human being. In this hustle and bustle, we forget our little things. If these things are not done on time then life gets disturbed. Often we forget to pay the electricity bill, water bill, house tax and phone bill. If these bills are not paid on time, then we may have a problem. The most important of all these is the payment of electricity bill. Because if the bill is not paid then the connection gets cut and all our work stops without electricity. Now that the era is online and now almost all the work is done on our mobile phones. Now no one wants to make rounds of the electricity office to pay the bill. If you also want to pay your electricity bill, then you can easily do it sitting at home. In this episode today we are going to tell you how you can deposit your electricity bill with the help of PhonePe app?


Pay your electricity bill like this with the help of PhonePe app
First of all you need to have a smartphone.
If you have a phone then you can download the PhonePe app in it.
After downloading the app, add your bank details in it so that your bank account will be added.

Now open the app on your phone.
After opening the app, you will see the option of electricity on the home screen itself.


Open the option of Electricity.
As soon as you open Electricity, you will see the name of your electricity provider company.

Now click on the name of the electricity provider company.
On clicking, you will be asked for your consumer number.
Your bill will come as soon as you enter the consumer number. After this you can easily pay your electricity bill.