Tech Update: In India, a subscription to Apple TV+ costs ₹99 per month!


After a long wait for Android users, Apple is finally bringing its Apple TV app. Now you will be able to use the Apple TV app on your Android smartphone and tablet as well. Earlier this app used to run only on iPhones and some special smart TVs. According to Bloomberg report, Apple is also hiring engineers to work on this new project.


can watch on Apple TV 

The Apple TV app is a place where you can watch a variety of things. This includes the Apple TV+ service which has exclusive shows, movies and documentaries made by Apple. Additionally, you can subscribe to Apple TV channels such as HBO and Showtime. Not only that, you can rent or purchase movies and TV shows directly through the app. Additionally, you can enjoy live sports such as Friday Night Baseball and MLS Season Pass. Overall, the Apple TV app is a great option for entertainment.

I had to go to the website first

Earlier, if you wanted to watch Apple TV+ shows or enjoy MLS Season Pass, you had to go to the website This was not very convenient. But now with the direct app for Android, things will become much easier. In this app, you will also be able to download things offline, so that you can enjoy entertainment even without internet. 

How much is the subscription

In India, a subscription to Apple TV+ costs ₹99 per month. Apple also offers a 7-day free trial for new users. Also, if you buy a new Apple device, such as an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac, or iPod touch, you can enjoy Apple TV+ for free for one year. After this free period, monthly fees will apply. This subscription also supports Family Sharing, allowing up to six family members to share one subscription.

Not only does it have shows produced by Apple itself (Apple TV+), but you can also subscribe to channels from other companies. You can also buy or rent movies and shows from the App Store. Apart from this, Apple is also slowly adding sports content, which currently includes Friday Night Baseball and MLS Season Pass. Interestingly, the Apple TV app is now following the same path as Apple Music. Apple Music came out in 2015 only for iPhones, but became available on Android later that year. Similarly, the Apple TV app came out in 2019, but until now it was only running on iPhones.