Tech Update: How to turn on gesture navigation on an Android smartphone!


Tech Tips: Nowadays, most of the people like to use Android smartphones. There are many such features available in Android phones, which are very useful for the users. They are also easy to use. Most people feel comfortable using the three-button navigation on Android smartphones. This is an old way of navigating on the phone. But, with the new changes in the world of technology, the feature of gesture navigation has also come in Android phones. 


three-button navigation 

You must be aware of the button navigation. These buttons are usually in a line at the bottom of the screen. Pressing the back button takes you to the previous page, pressing the home button takes you to the home screen, and pressing the apps button opens all the apps you have recently used.

Gesture navigation 

On the other hand, gesture navigation is a much smoother and easier way to operate the phone. With its help, you can easily move between different apps by swiping here and there on the screen. This makes your experience of using your phone even better. Let us tell you how to turn on gesture navigation on Android phones. 

How to turn on gesture navigation on an Android smartphone 

1. First of all go to the settings of the smartphone.

2. Here you will get the option of 'Gestures'. Click on it. 

3. After this click on the 'System Navigation' option. 

4. When you go to system navigation, you will get two options. 

1. Gesture Navigation: There are no buttons in this feature. 

2. Three-Button Navigation: This feature has three buttons showing home, back, and recent apps.

Once you choose gesture navigation, you can easily navigate your phone by swiping between different apps.

Which to choose between Three Button Navigation and Gesture Navigation?

Choosing between three-button navigation and gesture navigation entirely depends on your preference. If your phone has a big screen, it would be better to use gesture navigation instead of three buttons. Also, if you want fast navigation and multitasking, then gesture navigation can be a better option than three-button navigation. But, if you proceed by paying attention to things, then you can use three-button navigation. If you play games then gesture navigation will be better for you to move between apps.