Tech Update: How many iOS updates will be available on iPhone 15?


Apple iOS Updates: Till now Apple did not tell anything about how many years it would give software updates to its iPhone. But it seems that under pressure from companies like Google and Samsung, Apple has had to reveal this secret. An official document has revealed that the iPhone 15 will continue to receive iOS updates for at least 5 years. You may remember that Google and Samsung have recently extended their operating system policy. Google has promised that it will update its Pixel smartphone for 7 years. 


This information has been found in Apple's UK support document. This document was first spotted by well-known tipster Mishaal Rahman. Till now, Apple users were sure that their iPhones kept getting the latest iOS updates for a long time. Even if they are using an old iPhone. But, it seems that Google's move has forced Apple to change its strategy.

Will Apple extend the update time?

It is expected that after the arrival of the iPhone 16, Apple may increase the time of providing its updates even more. But, it is not clear yet. Apple has always been characterized by keeping its customers happy without any noise. Due to good service and long-lasting products, the resale value of the iPhone is also very good. In countries like India, the iPhone is considered a luxury phone.

Why are updates necessary?

Although Google promises to provide updates for 7 years. But, Apple has shown that its products are very durable. So if Apple also decides to increase the update time, then people may trust Apple more than Google. OS update is not just about keeping the phone new, but it is also very important from the security point of view. Any security problem in the phone can be resolved with the latest update. This is not only important for the users but is also beneficial for the company.