Tech Update: How does Google Flights work?


How to Use Google Flights: If you are planning to travel during the summer holidays but are worried about the high prices of flights and hotels, then do not worry. Google Flights can solve your problem. Google Flights is a tool where you can easily find cheap flight tickets and hotels. With this, not only can you book cheap flight tickets but it can also help you in renting a car or bike. This is a very useful tool. With its help, you can save your money. Let us tell you about it in detail. 


How does Google Flights work?

1. First of all go to the Google Flights website.

2. Here you have to give information about your journey like where you want to go and when. 

3. Then tell that you want a one-way ticket, and you also want to book a return ticket. 

4. You can also apply filters according to your choice, like how many stops you want a flight, which airlines you want, etc.

5. After doing all this, press the "Explore Destinations" button.

6. After this you will see many options on the map. These will include the cheapest flight tickets to many places to visit from your chosen starting point. These can be both domestic and foreign places.

7. Once you have chosen your preferred place and dates, you can choose the ticket and book it. In this way, you can get the most economical flight ticket for the chosen place.

How to find hotels on Google Flights?

1. Select the hotel option in the filter at the top.

2. Then enter the name of the city where you want to find a hotel and then press the "Explore" tab.

3. Now you will see a list of hotels on the left and their prices on the map on the right.

4. Google Flights also allows you to filter hotels according to their star rating, price, and review score.

Some important things

1. On Google Flights you will see estimated prices and for booking hotels or flights you will have to go to another travel website. Booking cannot be done directly on Google Flights.

2. Be a little flexible about the place of visit. By manipulating the dates a little, Google Flights can show you even cheaper tickets.