Tech Update: Do you also sleep with AC on at night?


AC Using Tips: The summer season is showing its effect across the country and people are resorting to air conditioners (AC) to get relief. AC blows cold air and cools the entire room in a short time. Therefore, AC is used in most homes to avoid heat. Now even in small towns and villages, people have started installing AC to avoid heat. Although AC gives us relief from the scorching heat, its air can also be harmful to health. Especially running AC while sleeping at night provides relief, but using it incorrectly can cause many health problems. Let us tell you what health problems can occur by running AC while sleeping at night. 


1. Sleep problems

Sometimes the room becomes very cold due to running the AC at night. Sleeping in a very cold room can cause health problems. Cold can also disturb sleep. You may also catch a cold. Keep the AC temperature comfortable for a good sleep. 

2. Muscle stiffness and pain

Sleeping in a cold room can cause muscle stiffness and joint pain. Cold shrinks the muscles, causing stiffness and pain. People with problems like arthritis may find the cold air of AC even more troublesome. To avoid this, do not keep the temperature of the AC too low, cover yourself with a blanket while sleeping, and do light exercise before sleeping.

3. Breathing problems

Cold air directly entering the nose and throat can cause problems like coughing, wheezing, chest tightness, and breathing problems. Poorly maintained AC can spread dust and pollution in the air, which can further aggravate breathing problems. To avoid this, keep the temperature of the AC balanced, use a humidifier, and get the AC cleaned regularly.

4. Weak immune system

The cold air of AC can weaken the body's immune system, which increases the risk of cold and viral infections. To avoid this, keep the room temperature comfortable, take care of cleanliness, and stay away from sick people.

5. Increase in allergies

Dust, mold, and pet hair can float in the air due to AC, which can increase the problem of allergies. These problems become more severe in a room with low humidity. To avoid this, install a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter in the AC, clean the air filter regularly, and keep the room clean. 

6. Dryness of skin and eyes

The cold air of AC reduces the humidity in the room, which can cause dry skin and eyes. This can cause problems like itching, burning, and blurred vision. To avoid this, use a humidifier, and apply moisturizer on the skin before sleeping.