Tech Tips: You can delete your personal information from Google in this way, know the easy way!


pc: amarujala

Many people want their personal information to appear in Google search results, while others do not. Often, our social media accounts, phone numbers, home addresses and even bank details become available online. The biggest problem arises when this information starts appearing on Google. In today's report, we will tell you how to remove personal information from Google search results. Let us understand the easy ways...

Google recently introduced the “Results About You” feature for users. This feature is designed to allow users to remove their personal information from Google. To do this, you need to go to the Google Support page and fill out the form mentioning the URL you want to remove from the search results. You can add multiple URLs to this form. After this Google will verify the page and if the information given is correct then it will close it. However, this process may take some time.



Delete information directly from websites

Another way to remove personal information is to request removal directly from the page. For this, you have to click on the three dots next to the URL and then go to the "About this result" page. Click on the “Remove Result” option, and the process of removing the page will begin.

Track your request

After both these processes, you can also track your request. For this, you need to go to the Google app, navigate to "Results About You" and click on your profile photo to see the request status. You can not only check the request status here but also add new remove requests.