Tech Tips: Want your smartphone to be super fast? Then try these tips!


Smartphones have also become an integral part of our daily lives. But, in most cases, due to the apps we have installed on our mobile, due to high graphic usage, or other reasons, its performance slows down to the limit. To download a video, it takes a lot of time to open an application (app). In such a situation, if you are troubled by the slowness of your smartphone, then today's article can be very useful for you.

Nowadays users install some apps on their mobile phones like games, third-party apps, etc. Along with these, social sites and messaging apps fill the memory of the smartphone and run slowly. Apart from this, there are also chances that the phone will become slow even if it is not updated properly. Apart from these, the phone can become slow due to many other reasons.


Focus on memory

Smartphones with 16GB, 32GB, and 128GB memory are used by most people today. You shouldn't fill up all the memory. Because phones become slow due to having more storage. Therefore, more than half of the memory on your smartphone should be free.

Use fewer apps

Even though smartphones have the power to run multiple apps simultaneously, using multiple apps at the same time can slow down the phone. So it is better not to use multiple apps at once. Otherwise, no one will be able to stop your smartphone from slowing down.

Better to update

The smartphone's OS keeps getting updated from time to time. Update it when you get the notification, this will keep the speed of the smartphone good. Along with this, new features are also available. Check for the update by going to Settings > System > About phone > System update.

Home screen control

Some people mostly use widgets and live wallpapers on smartphones. But of course, it consumes the battery of the smartphone and slows down the speed of the phone. So don't unnecessarily use too many widgets and live wallpapers on the home screen.


Background apps

Many apps are installed on the smartphone. Some of that is mitigated by using apps. But they keep running in the background. By breaking these apps running in the background, the performance of the smartphone also becomes faster.

Remove junk file

Having junk files in your smartphone can reduce the lifespan of the smartphone. So, clear your phone files frequently with an anti-virus app. The speed of the phone will increase if you do not forget to open the settings and clear the cache that appears there at least once a week.

Data saver mode

Chrome browser is more used on smartphones. The data saver option is available in this browser. Enabling this will reduce your mobile data usage and also increase your phone speed. More pages load faster using fewer data. Along with this, movies can also be watched with fewer data.