Tech Tips: Want to share files on an Android phone? So use Quick Share like this!


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Quick Share is a file-sharing system from Google that allows you to easily share any file wirelessly between two devices. It can be used on Windows, ChromeOS, and Android devices.

Through Quick Share, you can share photos, videos, documents or any other file between two devices. To use it, you can download the Quick Share app on your Windows device.


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The easiest way to search for Quick Share on an Android phone is to go to Quick Settings. Here you will get options like Internet, Wi-Fi and flight mode. Additionally, you can also search for it in the Settings app.

To send any file to another device using Quick Share, first, you need to select the photos, videos or documents you want to send. Now, click on the share button.


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On clicking the share option you will see Quick Share. Clicking on it will display all nearby devices with Quick Share enabled.

Select the device to which you want to send the photo, video, or file. After selecting you can send it to the person using Quick Share.