Tech Tips: This new feature of WhatsApp is coming soon, big files can be sent to others


WhatsApp has become very useful for people. For this reason it is used by a large number of people in the world. New features keep coming in it from time to time. Now a good news is coming for the users of WhatsApp.

The news is that now a new file sharing system is coming on WhatsApp, through which you will be able to share large files and HD photos-videos among each other in the same way as Shareit and Android's Nearby. Is done through.

According to reports, this new feature of WhatsApp is currently being tested. Even beta users have not got access to it yet. Its beta update may be released on WhatsApp in a few days. This will prove to be a very useful feature for WhatsApp users. Users will be able to easily send their files to each other.


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