Tech Tips: Phone battery gets damaged soon due to these reasons


In today's time, every person uses a smartphone. There are many people who spend their time through smartphones even during the day. Many people's phone batteries get damaged quickly. Even the battery of many people's phones explodes. We are going to give you information about the reasons due to which the phone's battery gets damaged soon. 

Charging the phone for a long time also causes the battery to deteriorate quickly. For this reason, the charger should be removed from the phone after the battery is charged. People should charge their phones only up to 95 percent instead of 100.

At the same time, keeping the phone in extreme heat, using high watt charger, running the battery till it drains completely, running more apps, keeping it on higher brightness, using battery saver app and keeping the phone on ice also spoil the battery. 

PC: tech.hindustantimes