Tech Tips: OTP will be automatically deleted after use, do this setting in the phone immediately!


Keeping your device secure is the biggest responsibility in the digital world. Tech companies are also working on this but if you and I are not aware then it is not possible. Generally, we do not delete OTP or two-factor authentication messages after using them, whereas we should do so. Today we will tell you about a setting in which after turning on the phone, OTP and 2FA code will be automatically deleted from your phone. Let us know...

How will OTP messages be automatically deleted from the phone?

First of all, let us tell you that this feature is currently available only in iPhones, that too only in those iPhones which have iOS 17. So let us now know the method of setting.

  • First of all, make sure whether your iPhone has iOS 17 or not.
  • After this go to the phone's settings.
  • Now select Password from the menu.
  • After this click on Password Options.
  • Now turn on Clean Up Automatically.

After this setting is turned on, the iPhone will automatically delete OTP and 2FA.