Tech Tips: Now you will have to spend money for WhatsApp chat backup also!


In the coming time, you will have to spend money on WhatsApp chat backup. According to reports, the most popular social media platform WhatsApp is soon going to start using the storage provided with Google Drive for storage.

If this happens, users will no longer get unlimited chat backups on WhatsApp. This will be calculated from the 15 GB storage available with Gmail only. Chat backup of WhatsApp Android will now be included in Google Drive's storage only. Under this, users will have to take a backup of WhatsApp chats only in 15 GB and will also have to save data from Gmail, Google Drive etc.

You will have to pay for storage more than this. According to reports, after your quota of 15 GB storage is exhausted, users will have to subscribe to Google One for chat backup. According to reports, WhatsApp will inform all users through notification 30 days before implementing this policy.

PC: abplive

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