Tech Tips: iPhone's new feature Photo Shuffle will work like this


If you are an iPhone user, then you will like this new feature very much, through this feature your wallpaper will become new and will start changing in one click

iPhone feature

If you want to change the wallpaper of a locked iPhone with every click, then for this, first hold the lock screen of your iPhone and click on the plus sign on the side, new wallpaper in every click, after this, you will see the option of photo shuffle here, click on it

Photo shuffle option

Select whatever photo you want to select here, and click on the add shown above

Select photo

After this click on the add option shown above, and click on the three dots shown below

Add option

Click on the on-tap option, press the add button again, now select the option of Set as Wallpaper pair

Set as Wallpaper pair

After this your work will be done, now you can change the wallpaper on the lock screen in one click You can change wallpaper in one click Click to see 30Mbps speed and 15 OTT apps, Jio's new plan launched