Tech Tips: If your mobile is stolen then deactivate your UPI account like this, follow these steps!


The mobile phone has become very important in today's time. Apart from this, everyday work is also not done. All money transactions now happen instantly on mobiles. UPI i.e. Unified Payments Interface has become an integral part of our lives. With UPI, people can transfer money from one account to another using just one mobile number sitting at home. Recently UPI has gone international. After India's UPI and Singapore's Penau are linked, now people can transfer money from India to Singapore using just one mobile number.

In such a situation, if a person loses his mobile phone, then he may have to face a lot of trouble. Because in such times the possibility of misuse of UPI increases. We are going to see some special tips about what things should be taken care of in such times.


Stop UPI payment from bank account if mobile is stolen

Along with taking advantage of digital payments, it is also the responsibility of the users to be careful. In such a situation, if your mobile is lost somewhere, then it is very important to stop the UPI payment from the bank account. If you don't, your account can be emptied immediately. Let us know in detail how to deactivate UPI from the bank account…

How to deactivate UPI from your bank account

If you want to deactivate UPI from your bank account, first of all, it is very important to remember that you should not share your UPI PIN with anyone.

To disable UPI payments, first, call your mobile service provider and block your SIM. This will prevent any message or OTP related to mobile banking from falling into wrong hands.

Thereafter, to block UPI from your bank account, call your UPI app like Paytm, Google Pay, Phone Pay, Amazon Pay, etc. and request for an immediate shutdown of UPI service.

After this, immediately register an FIR for the theft of your mobile. With this, you will be able to stop the misuse of your mobile.

Along with this, call the customer care of the bank and immediately stop net banking and mobile banking.