Tech Tips: If you charge your phone while sleeping at night, be careful! This habit is fatal, know how!


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Nowadays mobile phones are seen in almost everyone's hands. To keep the phone running, it is also necessary to charge it regularly. But, some mistakes made during charging sometimes prove to be fatal.

Use a branded charger only: While charging the phone, remember that you are charging the phone only with the charger given by the company. If you buy a new charger, it should be from a reputable third-party charger company. Never buy a charger of poor quality in the name of cheap.


PC: lokmat.news18

Keep the phone away from broken connectors: Do not charge the phone with a charger that has broken or damaged pins or connectors. Because a bad charger can cause electric leakage and fire.

Do not cover the phone while charging: As you may know that the smartphone gets a little hot while charging. If you cover it with something at that time then it may cause a heat release problem. Which can cause a fire. The phone often falls under the pillow while sleeping.


PC: lokmat.news18

Do not leave the phone charging overnight: Today's smartphones come with lithium batteries. Which turns off after charging. But, overcharging affects the health of the battery. Also leaving a hot charger plugged into a power outlet overnight can pose a risk.

Avoid frequent charging: Do not start charging until the battery is below 20 percent. When the phone is charged repeatedly, it reduces the battery life. But don't wait for the battery to go down.