Tech Tips: If you are troubled by Facebook notifications then turn them off with this process.


A large number of people in the country use Facebook on their smartphones. If you also do the same then this is good news for you. Nowadays many users are worried about a notification on Facebook. A large number of people are writing Mention and Highlight in the comments of their posts to get more likes and views on Facebook posts. A large number of users are troubled by this. If you are also troubled by this, then today we are going to tell you an easy way to stop it.

This is the process:

First of all you have to update your Facebook mobile app.

After this, you will have to open the app and visit settings.

Now go to Privacy and click on the Notification option.

After this you will have to click on the Tags option.

After this you close Batch Mentions.

Now these notifications will not bother you.

PC: indiatoday

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