Tech Tips: If you also do this work, the phone's battery will definitely get damaged, and there is also a risk of fire!


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In today's time, people have become deeply attached to their smartphones, which often causes damage to the battery of the device. Despite having a larger battery capacity, certain habits can still drain a smartphone's battery faster, causing potential hazards, including battery explosion. Let us know which bad habits regarding smartphone batteries you should give up today.


Charging the phone for a long time puts unnecessary strain on the battery. It is recommended by experts to disconnect the charger after reaching around 95%, to avoid continuous full charge.

Exposing the battery to excessive heat

Exposing the phone to hot environments can increase stress on the battery, potentially shortening its life and, in severe cases, causing fire. Fast charging, in particular, generates additional heat, making it necessary to protect the device from exposure to extreme temperatures.

Using a higher-watt charger:

To charge the phone quickly, we often think of using a higher-volt charger. But this can also be quite dangerous. This puts stress on the battery and can cause damage.


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Using the battery until it's completely drained Using

the battery until it's completely drained can reduce its lifespan. It is better to keep the battery level between 20-80%.

Running more apps

Running multiple apps at once, especially apps that run in the background, consumes excess battery and reduces battery life. Closing unnecessary background apps can help save battery power.


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Keeping the brightness on high:

Maintaining a high brightness level on the phone screen drains the battery quickly. Helps you optimize battery usage using the auto-brightness feature.

Battery saver apps:

Some battery-saving apps can have the opposite effect, increasing background processes and potentially reducing overall phone performance. Avoid unnecessary battery-saving apps and manage power consumption manually.