Tech Tips: If you also do not have a network in your house, then definitely follow these tips!



It is really important to have a good network connection (mobile network problem) on your phone because the phone is the main medium of communication. But sometimes we do not have a strong enough signal and this creates many problems. The result is that you cannot talk properly on the phone or suddenly the call drops. This happens because the network is not working properly, basically, it can be difficult to get a good signal in certain parts of the house especially where the network is really weak. Many of you must have experienced this problem. But there are some solutions for this. Using this, you can get a good network in any corner of the house.

Try Signal in the Hall

If there is no phone network in a particular room, you should continue the process of checking other areas of the house. Sometimes it happens that some rooms are completely closed and hence the network problem is more. In this case, try in a larger hall or room, as the signal strength may be stronger there.

High-rise buildings can be a problem

even if you live on the top floor you may face this problem. So it is better to choose a flat that is not higher than the second or third floor. In such a situation, you can expect the best network connectivity here.


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Select 4G or 5G network

Another reason why your phone may be having network issues is that your phone is working on a 2G or 3G network. So you should check the settings of your phone whether your phone is working on a 4G or 5G network or not.

Use a glass

Sometimes when you are in a place where your phone doesn't get a good signal, you can try a cool trick. If you place your phone inside some glass, such as a cup or glass jar, it may help you get a better signal. It sounds weird but it can actually work.

Install a network booster

If these solutions don't work, you should install a signal booster in your home. This can be a solution to the problem in a way, which is also known as a network booster. You can easily buy it online or from the market. But its cost can be at least two thousand rupees.