Tech Tips: If the smartphone is hacked, then this is a sign.


In the digital era, if you use this smartphone, then many times you have a smartphone, sometimes if you want to save your smartphone from hanging, then we tell you some signs that show that someone has hacked your smartphone. has been hacked.

If your system is shutting down on its own, there may be a sign of restarting, if your system is constantly shutting down on its own and restarting, then you should understand that your phone has been hacked, in this case, you have to be careful and Format the phone immediately.

banking transaction

The biggest sign of the phone being one is that you start getting transaction messages, many times it happens that you keep getting the purchase transaction messages of those products which you have not bought, in such a situation you have to be careful.

phone slows down suddenly

If your how smartphone is running slow all of a sudden, then it could be the reason that your phone got hacked, even after the internet speed is good, the video of the phone plays slow.

Hackers may times turn off your phone's antivirus and security software, if you suspect that your antivirus is not working, then you should understand that your phone has been hacked.

If your phone's battery is suddenly draining quickly, then you have to be careful, in which case your phone can be hacked.